Dr. Brooke Weinstein is a world-renowned thought leader on parenting. Cause this sh*t is REAL. She specializes in neuroscience based sensory and emotional regulation. But the good news is you don’t have to be a neuro science geek to learn all the brilliant tips and tricks to make your life so much easier in parenthood.

Through her wildly popular digital courses, and her highly engaging online presence, her podcast, and free daily content and trainings distributed across her social media channels daily… She empowers moms to design lives and families they are wildly obsessed with. And frankly enjoy!

She has been featured in TODAY, scaryMommy, and Forbes.
Combining her background in occupational therapy and neuroscience, a deep knowledge of the brain, trauma, and sensory regulation principles, Dr. B isn’t quite like any other Doctor you’ve encountered. consulting with clients around the world offering step by step practical parenting advice which transforms the entire household.

Think of Dr. B as a personal trainer for your brain.
A true self-made woman, while supporting herself through two premature pregnancies and caregiving for her extremely sick husband, Dr. B built her first pediatric clinic.
A decade later, now widowed, Dr.B now works with parents and is serving her clients globally.

Her mission has always been to impact the lives of children. And she now does that through sharing the healing power of the brain into the hands of good hearted women who are here to change the world and support the whole brain child. Today, she is doing so and transforming lives, one family at a time.

Dr. B is from New Orleans, Louisiana and currently resides in Texas.

Dr. B

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